Ready-to-bake croissants

Flexible solutions with frozen ready-to-bake pastries

Ready-to-bake croissants are an essential and well-loved product for professionals in foodservice, retail, distribution, wholesale and bakery.

Handy and versatile ready-to-bake Viennese pastry

Gourmand Pastries’ croissants are an excellent solution for providing fresh and delicious croissants for your customers and offer the convenience of baking when needed.

Ready-to-bake pastries for professionals in the industry

Ready-to-bake croissants are a valuable addition to your range. They can be easily stored in the freezer and baked when needed, so they always leave the oven fresh and hot. This saves time and labor in your bakeries and lets your customers enjoy delicious and airy croissants at any time of day.

The Gourmand Pastries quality

The quality of puff pastry ready-to-bake croissants is very important to industry professionals. These croissants must satisfy the high standards of freshness, flavor and texture that customers expect. This is why it is essential to choose high-quality ready-to-bake croissants produced with care and skill.

Constantly modern range

As a professional, you can offer your customer a wide range of creative and flavorful creations in the form of ready-to-bake croissants. Whether a classic butter croissant, a variant filled with chocolate or almond paste, or a savory cheese or ham croissant, the possibilities are endless. By experimenting with fillings and toppings, you, as a professional, can create unique and irresistible croissants that will keep your customers returning.

In short, ready-to-bake croissants are a valuable and versatile choice for B2B. Their convenience, quality and creative possibilities make ready-to-bake croissants an indispensable product for any bakery that aims to indulge its customers with fresh and delicious croissants.