Sweet croissants with filling

Filled ready-to-bake croissants

These delicious filled croissants are simplicity itself

Frozen ready-to-bake croissants are a convenient and versatile product for food industry professionals. These croissants, with their rich sweet fillings, are supplied unbaked and frozen, which makes them easy to keep in stock and bake whenever needed.

Sweet filled croissants for the professional

This makes sweet filled croissants ideal for foodservice, retail, distribution, wholesale, baker and bakery.

Convenience and enjoyment with these filled croissants

Our frozen, sweet, filled croissants offer the ultimate in convenience for any occasion. These ready-to-bake croissants allow you to easily enjoy freshly baked treats without the long preparation times. Take them from the freezer, thaw and then bake them for a deliciously hot, fragrant result. This quick process allows you to meet the demand for sweet treats even in busy periods.

Delightful fillings for every taste

Our ready-to-bake croissants are filled with the most deliciously sweet ingredients. These include creamy chocolate, rich praline and sweet fruit fillings such as apricot. Every bite delivers an explosion of flavor; perfect for a luxury breakfast, brunch or a sweet treat with coffee.

Benefits of frozen filled croissants

Frozen, sweet filled croissants are not only easy to prepare, but offer numerous other benefits:

  • Always fresh: Frozen immediately after production, they retain their fresh flavor and texture.
  • Long shelf life: With freezer storage, they last longer than fresh croissants and create less waste.
  • Consistent quality: Each and every croissant offers the same high quality.
  • Versatile: Perfect for various occasions, from breakfast and lunch to desserts and afternoon tea

Ideal for the food professional

Our frozen, sweet filled croissants offer the ideal solution for professionals in the food industry. They are quick and easy to prepare, which saves valuable time in busy kitchens. They also ensure consistent quality and satisfied customers, time after time.

In short, frozen sweet filled croissants are a valuable addition to your range. They combine convenience, flavor and quality in a way that every food professional will appreciate. Add these delicious croissants to your range today and surprise your customers with this delightful sweet treat.