Vegan croissants

Tasty vegan croissants

Plant-based croissants

Our vegan croissants offer a flavorful option for anyone looking for a plant-based alternative. Made without animal products, but with the delicious flavor and texture you expect from our traditional croissants – these croissants are a real treat for any occasion.

Vegan croissants for professionals

This makes vegan croissants ideal for foodservice, retail, distribution, wholesale, baker and bakery.

Plant-based perfection for the food industry

Ready-to-bake vegan croissants are incredibly convenient. They only need to be thawed and baked, making them quick and efficient to prepare. This allows you to quickly serve fresh, hot croissants during busy periods. Additionally, frozen vegan croissants have a much longer shelf life than fresh croissants, reducing the risk of spoilage and minimizing waste.

Ready-to-bake vegan croissants – excellent flavor

Our vegan croissants guarantee consistent quality and satisfied customers, time after time. Our vegan ready-to-bake croissants are made from high-quality plant-based ingredients with no artificial additives, creating a pure and authentic flavor experience.

In short, frozen vegan croissants are a valuable addition to your range. They combine convenience, flavor and quality in a way that every food professional will appreciate. Add these delicious vegan croissants to your range today and surprise your customers with a flavorful treat.