Vegan bake-off viennoiserie

Bake-off vegan pastries

Plant-based viennoiserie for the professional

Demand in the food sector is growing for plant-based viennoiserie. At Gourmand Pastries we have expanded our viennoiserie assortment to include vegan croissants, vegan pain-au-chocolate and the vegan maple pecan plait.

Perfect texture and flavour

Our pastries have a light, soft texture and a generous volume, giving them the look and flavour of traditional pastries. They are free from hydrogenated fats and made from carefully selected plant-based ingredients. A healthier choice without compromising on flavour.

Bake-off vegan pastries for professionals in the sector

Vegan pastries should not be omitted from any professional assortment in the food service, retail, distribution, wholesale or bakery sectors.

The Gourmand Pastries quality

The quality of puff-pastry bake-off vennoiserie is of great importance to professionals in the sector. These vegan pastries must satisfy the high standards of freshness, flavour and texture that customers expect. This is why it is essential to choose high-quality bake-off croissants produced with care and skill.