Professional tips

Useful tips for baking our viennoiserie and Danish pastries

Gourmand Pastries tips diepvries bladerdeeg afbakkoeken

How to store frozen bake-off viennoiserie safely?

  • Ensure products are stored at -18°C/-0.4°F.
  • Defrosted products should never be refrozen.
  • Always store products in sealed bags (the air circulation in the freezer can cause products to dry out).
  • Follow the First Expired, First Out rule for optimum quality control of products.
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How best to defrost bake-off pastries?

  • Check the detailed product information, keeping in mind Danish pastries should NEVER be thawed (these products go from freezer to oven).
  • To check if products are thawed, push your thumb softly into the center of the dough; if it feels soft, it is ready to bake.
Gourmand Pastries tips bakken diepvries bladerdeeg afbakkoeken

How to bake frozen viennoiserie, Danish Pastry and croissants perfectly?

  • Make sure the oven is properly preheated, ideally 25°C/75°F higher than the specified baking temperature, due to the temperature drop when the oven door opens. Use parchment paper, leaving adequate space between products.
  • Since baking temperatures vary from oven to oven, the specified baking temperature should be used as a guideline.
  • If products appear to be baking too dark or not dark enough, adjust oven temperature or baking time accordingly.
  • Allow products to cool on baking tray, adding topping as desired, before serving.