Bake-off pastries

Frozen bake-off pastries

Frozen bake-off pastries are a great option for foodservice, retail, distribution, wholesale and bakery professionals who are looking for convenience and quality. The pastries of Gourmand Pastries offer the perfect balance between time savings and traditional flavours, making them a popular choice for busy sectors.

Convenience, speed and … flavoursome viennoiserie!

The convenience of frozen bake-off pastries lies in their partial preparation before freezing, making them quick and easy to bake when needed. This saves valuable time and ensures that the pastries are always served fresh and hot. Despite freezing, these professional, frozen, bake-off pastries retain their delicious flavour and airy puff-pastry texture. The quality of the ingredients and the skill with which they are made ensure that every bite is a delight for the senses.

Flexibility and versatility on the menu

Frozen bake-off pastries put flexibility and versatility on the menu for the professional. Whether for the breakfast buffet, a coffee break or a snack, pastries and bakes of Gourmand Pastries are a perfect fit for various occasions and can be easily adapted to customer preferences. And why not add a personal topping? Frozen bake-off pastries also offer an economical option for businesses, because they have a long shelf life and this results in less waste. Not only are they practical to use, but they are also cost-effective for the business seeking high-quality, artisanal pastries without too much time and effort.