Commitment to quality and flavour

We follow strict quality standards and procedures that are checked by external parties with regularity. Our production processes comply with the BRC, IFS and FDA standards.

Innovative family business with a vision

Gourmand Pastries is a partner for whom every bite proves our unwavering commitment to quality. At heart, we embrace innovation as a fundamental aspect of who we are. Our (40-year) journey speaks volumes and showcases our rich history of pushing boundaries and shaping the future of the sector. Moreover, we believe that innovation is not just a part of our DNA, but the essence of our heritage.

As a family business, we operate on the fundamentals of ethics and humanity. Our journey is fuelled by personal passion and dedication, in which we remain true to our values every step of the way. This family atmosphere extends beyond our internal operations to our interactions with you, our valued partner. We are more than just a company. We are a trusted ally, cherishing our relationship and treating you with care and attention.

Proactive approach and support

At Gourmand Pastries we do more than meet your needs: we love to anticipate them. Our proactive approach means that we are constantly looking for ways to support your growth. From trendspotting to co-development, we strive to discover opportunities that will take your business to new heights. Recent investments in our infrastructure mean that we are ready to continue this path of innovation and collaboration and to ensure that, together, we always stay one step ahead.

Join us in this culinary journey, where quality, innovation and partnership come together to create the foundations for lasting success. At Gourmand Pastries, we aim to build strong, sustainable relationships. Together we will travel the ever-evolving landscape of the food industry, ensuring mutual growth and prosperity for the years to come.