The heart of our company is our production site in Mouscron. There, millions of croissants, chocolate cakes and other delicacies roll over our highly automated production lines every day, thanks to the help of our more than 150 workers.

Everything starts in our Raw Materials Warehouse. This is where Emmanuel, one of our warehousemen, takes delivery of flour, yeast, butter, and all other raw materials from our suppliers. His challenge is to ensure that every raw material is stored in the right way and in the right place, and that our production lines have all the raw materials they need to keep running at all times. In addition, the quality of each product is checked and labelled. This allows us to check meticulously afterwards which products were made with which raw materials.

Our dough operator Louis  is responsible for programming the machines that mix the dough. These machines work in much the same way as a kneading machine at home!

For our products with fillings, the fillings are prepared by our filling preparer Amélie. She mixes pastry cream, jams, chocolate, cheese mixes and other delicious fillings for our products using a filling mixer.

Once the dough and filling reaches our line, it is the turn of our Léon. Léon combines his knowledge of dough and viennoiserie, his abilities in operating machinery, and his leadership skills to ensure flawless production.

Together with his assistant line chef, he operates the highly automated production line. There, the dough is formed into delicious croissants and passes through a proving chamber so that the dough can rise. After any toppings have been added, the products are flash frozen, so they stay crisp and fresh until you take them of your oven.

Léon is not alone, of course. He is assisted by his team leader, by our quality staff who test whether the products produced are according to the customer’s wishes, and by our technicians like Luc. Luc monitors our machines for preventive maintenance, and intervenes in case of any breakdowns. Luc not only has a thorough knowledge of mechanics, electronics and cooling, but also of automatic controls to programme the lines.

After the products have been thoroughly cooled in our freezing chamber, they end up in our packaging department. There, our Packaging Operator Victor is responsible for the machines that package the products. Victor not only programs the machines that pack our products neatly into bags and then into boxes, but he also does various quality checks on our products. After the packing department, the labelled boxes arrive at the palletiser, where they are placed on pallets.

Finally, the pallets reach our warehouse workers. There, Edouard and his colleagues brave the cold of -25°C to ensure that our products reach the right customer in excellent condition and as quickly as possible worldwide.