Mini Assorted Danish Pastry 1.48 oz

Product specifications

Product code: 1996.2542

Fat: Danish margarine

Weight: 1.48 oz

Number per box: 120 (5x24)

Weight per box: 11.111 lbs

Number per pallet: 150

Freezer to oven

Bake temperature: 375°F

Bake time: 14-17 min

    • A sweet selection of different mini Danish crowns (vanilla, raspberry, apple) and a mini maple pecan.
    • The easiest way to offer a wide variety of indulgent flavours.
    • Optimal airiness and crustiness thanks to the 24 folds of the dough.
    • All prepared following traditional Danish recipes.
    • Packed in vacuum bags to keep the decorations from falling off.