Our Sustainability Commitment

We take a lot of initiatives to reduce our ecological footprint. Gourmand Pastries strongly believes that action needs to be taken today to guarantee our success in the future. Therefore, we are working together with our customers, suppliers and third parties to improve sustainability throughout the whole value chain.

To realise this commitment we are focusing on three key pillars:



Water re-use

Gourmand Pastries collects its rainwater, which is re-used by the carwash next door – a creative solution to give rain water a second life.

Water monitoring system

A water monitoring system has been set up and is monitored closely. Awareness has been raised and training is given to our cleaning teams to reduce water usage to a minimum.

Food waste

Our waste dough is reworked for animal feed. Quality and food safety throughout the animal feed chain are guaranteed by our FCA certificate. The waste from meat products is re-used in fermentation installations which produce green energy.

Office waste

Internal awareness campaigns have been set up to reduce office waste such as cups, paper, etc.




Heat and electricity are generated simultaneously by a gas engine, resulting in energy savings. Water is heated with the heat that is created during this process.

Heat recovery

The heat produced by our freezers is recovered by a heat pump. This heat is used, amongst other things, to heat our offices.

Solar panels

The roof of the factory is fully covered with photovoltaic cells that supply 550 MWh of electricity annually. This is a long term investment in renewable energy that lowers our carbon footprint.

CO2 reduction

Gourmand Pastries is a participant in the sector agreement “Accord de branche 2”, resulting in the agreement to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions by 19.7% between 2013 and 2020.




FSC-certified cardboard

Our cardboard boxes are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international organisation promoting responsible forest management worldwide. Our boxes consist for 70% of FSC Mix, which contains both fibers from FSC-certified forests and recycled fibers.

Plastic bags

The plastic bags used to wrap our products are 100% recyclable and contain no PVC or Bisphenol A.

Palm oil

Gourmand Pastries is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil(RSPO), which gives the opportunity to its customers to certify the palm oil in their products. Gourmand Pastries is currently in full transition to source only segregated sustainable palm oil from 2020 in all self-sourced raw materials.

Purchasing policy

Goods are sourced and stocked in bulk to reduce packaging, decrease transport and augment efficiency.

Nuts & sustainable cacao

The chocolate products that Gourmand Pastries offers to its customers are Rainforest Alliance certified. As established in the program’s code of conduct, RFA-certified chocolates are produced according to a series of environmental and social criteria that promote responsible growing practices and effective agricultural management Our products containing hazelnuts are also RFA certified and meet the same criteria.

Cage-free eggs

Gourmand Pastries exclusively uses cage-free eggs, allowing the chickens to roam freely instead of being held in battery cages.


Diversity and inclusion

We believe that a diverse workforce and governance lead to innovative thinking, better decision-making and a more inclusive and equitable environment. We actively strive to create a workplace where people from different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives feel valued and respected and can use their unique talents. Therefore, there is absolute equality in recruitment with regard to gender or origin. The male/female ratio is quasi 50/50.

Social employment

In line with our commitment to social employment, we work to create opportunities for disadvantaged and slightly disabled people who can still work, by working with a local social enterprise (WAAK in Kortrijk) that comes on site.

Training and development

At Gourmand Pastries, procedures and instructions are drawn up according to BRCGS standards. This helps to train people correctly & define tasks, thus achieving our policies and objectives. This is why Gourmand Pastries always gets a high score when external audits visit. Gourmand Pastries also invests in comprehensive training programmes and initiatives that equip our colleagues with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to thrive in their roles.

Work-life balance

Moreover, we understand the importance of a good work-life balance for the well-being and satisfaction of our employees. By nurturing a culture that puts our employees’ well-being first, we foster a more productive and engaged workplace.

Business relations

Gourmand Pastries has a long list of loyal customers and suppliers. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients through a personalised approach and open communication about our capabilities, quality and price. We actively pursue customer satisfaction.

Code of conduct

Gourmand Pastries has also established a code of conduct. This code of conduct defines accepted behaviour, promotes the highest working standards and establishes a framework for professional conduct and responsibilities. The code sets out principles such as trust, safety, integrity and social responsibility.