Private labels

Your own personalized viennoiserie and Danish pastry

B2B private label frozen coffee cakes and croissants offer a unique and personalized option for business-to-business customers looking for high-quality bakery products. With private label puff pastry products, companies can add their own brand and identity to these delicious and easy-to-bake treats.

Exclusive customization in frozen bake-off coffee cakes

By choosing frozen coffee cakes and croissants with a private label, B2B customers can benefit from customization and exclusivity. By adding your own logo, colors and packaging elements to the puff pastry products, you achieve a distinctive appearance and brand awareness among your customers.

The frozen coffee cakes and croissants with private label are ideal for professionals in foodservice, retail, distribution, wholesale and bakery who want to expand their range with traditional and tasty bakery products. These products are of high quality and retain their freshness and taste after baking.

Frozen baked cakes: freedom of work

An additional advantage of private label frozen coffee cakes and croissants is the flexibility in range and presentation. You can choose from a wide range of flavors and sizes to suit your specific needs and preferences. Moreover, we can custom-pack the products according to your wishes and purposes.

Save time and costs with baked viennoiserie

Using private label frozen products can also improve operational efficiency for B2B customers, as you spend less time and resources on the production and distribution of frozen bake-off coffee cakes and croissants. This allows you to focus on your own core activities while offering high-quality and personalized products to your customers.

Innovative and contemporary

Through its innovation and research, Gourmand Pastries ensures that you can always boast the best and most contemporary puff pastry products. With private label frozen coffee cakes and croissants you can benefit from premium bakery products with a unique and recognizable taste and appearance, while at the same time saving time and costs.