Human Resources

Our team

Our HR team consists of six people, working together as one. Team spirit is really important to us : we believe that one plus one can be three. Within our team, transparency is crucial.

We communicate very straightforwardly and honestly with each other, but of course remain respectful. This authenticity ensures that we can all be ourselves, and that we’re always having a good time.

Our Vision of HR

Within Gourmand Pastries, HR acts as a strategic partner, whose main goal is to support our departments in achieving their own ambitions & goals. Indeed, we believe that HR is a partner, thinking along with its business and be conscient of to their needs, but equally that HR has to remain independent and dares to challenge the business to see things from a different point of view. HR provides structure and guidance to give people and departments room to grow in their own way, without stifling them.

As a manager, I can be really proud of my HR team. I do not believe in hollow sales pitches, but genuinely feel that we have already achieved a lot. I love that our team brings together very diverse characters in a way where everyone is allowed to be themselves.

Our Style

Gourmand Pastries is a company in full growth, which means that its HR policy must also be constantly adjusted. Nevertheless, there are some values that are very important to us :

  • Professionalism & integrity must be at the heart of everything we do.

Fair and consistent policies ensure that every employee is treated equally, and form the base of an HR department that our HEROs can rely on.

  • We always keep a focus on talent.

Our HEROs are one of Gourmand Pastries‘ great strengths, so attracting them, welcoming them, getting them to develop and mobilising them internally are our main goals.

  • HR should always add value.

We believe we can achieve this through our down-to-earth approach and by being close to our employees and departments. Only then do we achieve results that are tangible to them.