Cheese Swirl

A delightful SuperBlend swirl filled with young Gouda cheese and topped of with grated cheese. By garnishing your swirl with a different topping, you can easily give it an extra touch. In any case the cheese swirl is perfect to replace your sweet cravings, to serve as a dinner alternative or to eat on the go.

Download the technical data sheet: 122700004606 EN 2018 10 11.pdf

Product specifications

Product code: 1227.0000


Weight: 100 g

Number per box: 75 (3x25)

Weight per box: 7,50 kg

Number per pallet: 48

Thaw & bake

Defrost time: 30 min

Bake temperature: 180°C

Bake time: 20 - 22 min

Freezer to oven

Bake temperature: 165°C

Bake time: 22 - 27 min

  • Cheese Swirl

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